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I Voted Clinton. He Voted Trump. We Still Do Ministry Together. Christianity Today Pastors. How can we reconcile differences in church leadership? Especially ones so divisive as politics? Here’s how we did it.

How To Raise Strong Girls (and Boys) in an Age of #MeToo. A Fine Parent. We cannot guarantee sexual predators will never find our child, but we can develop attitudes and practices that offer our kids the kind or respect and confidence they need in a #MeToo world.

Strangers Together. (in)Courage. “It’s going to take guts to reach across lines of difference to interpret love.” How an unlikely friendship taught me about guts and grit and grace, showed me what it takes to survive in a hostile, foreign land, and allowed me to see how foreign the world should be to me.

Six Tips for Taking Center Stage. CT Women. When you make a leadership transition, what are the hidden pitfalls? How do women, in particular, handle moving into the top spot after being in a support role?

No Need to Downplay Your Leadership. CT Women. Why do Christian women, in particular, tend to dismiss commendation and demean their own competence? In what ways do we shoot ourselves in the foot when we are considered for leadership, and what can we do about it? Guiding women between the Scylla and Charybdis of false humility and pride in leadership roles.

When Things Will Never Be the Same. (in)Courage. How does life change when the person you always expected at the holiday table will never be there again?

Church As a Body. Light and Life Magazine. Why does church matter? Can’t I worship on my own? I can meet God anywhere. Maybe–but where does God want to meet you? Where does he want to change you, and have you change others? The church matters for a lot of reasons.

Followership–Not What You Think It Means. Light and Life Magazine. Even in dictionaries, “followership” is usually defined by its inverse relation to leadership — “the capacity to follow a leader.” No one has come to terms with this word on its own. What does it mean to follow well?  “Come, follow me” (Matthew 4:19) Jesus commanded. In fact, it’s His first command. What does it mean, especially in a culture where loyalty is fleeting and the “Christian” image needs some polishing?

A Fine Parent. How can we teach our kids to fail successfully? (Yes, that is a thing.) With rising concerns about college students who cannot make decisions or handle criticism, how can we train our kids to deal with the tough things in life?

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? The Mighty. How does mental illness affect an entire family system?

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