Jill1I’m a writer, speaker, and pastor. My mission is to empower the next generation of Christ followers, working together to unleash their calling to transform God’s Kingdom.

Also: A writer and reader of topics that start with grace, courage, and freedom. Speaker of hope and restoration. A firm believer in the power of Earl Grey, author of five books, Cubs fan, and intrepid traveler.

Things I have an unnatural love for: Middle-earth, chocolate marzipan, old musicals, and fish tacos.

What I know: BA from Washington University in English and Secondary Education. MDiv from Bethel University (summa cum laude) with concentration in Theology and preaching. Currently pursuing a DMin in Leading Church in a Changing Context, writing a thesis on intergenerational, interactive preaching for discipleship.

What I’m working on:

Just Hear Me Out: Conversations in the Generation Gap. A book, conversation style, between a baby boomer and a millennial about faith, church, leadership, and what we can finally agree on to move forward. Visit our site here.

How Not to Be Noticed: My High School Anti-Plan for Success. A young adult novel about fear, change, and illegal immigration, while still managing to be funny.

What I have published:

Hobbits, You and the Spiritual World of Middle-earth

Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids: Short-term Missions for Your Whole Family

Please Pass the Fish Head: Planning a Volunteer Vacation with Kids

Plus contributing to two other books from Christianity Today and Lillenas Publishers, and lots of articles, blog posts, devotionals, and random rants.

Even more random stuff about Jill.

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