60 Before 60


My daughter and I sat down a while ago to write lists. She wanted to write a “30 before 30” list. She is 21. She has quite a while to complete her list.

I, on the other hand, had to write a “60 before 60.” Which is, if you’re good at math, twice as many things to do. And, well, not nine years to do it.

Enough people have asked what is on my list. So this week, while still in my birth month, I’m telling you. I know it won’t all happen. But I like to think just writing it down makes it more likely. Isn’t that true with many of our goals and dreams? Putting it down, getting it in words, maybe even putting a date by it–makes it somehow more tangible and more possible. As you can see, I’ve already gotten to cross some things off, and I just wrote it in August. Writing down goals works!

I also want more on it that has to do with others. So there could be some revisiting. I’ve got time.


That’s my thinking, anyway. Here’s the list. It’s rather random, like me. Feel free to suggest other options. Options that have nothing to do with roller coasters or sky diving. But I’m willing to consider your suggestions. I’m excited to! After all, someday I’ll need 70 things.

60 before 60 list

  1. sail
  2. go to another continent
  3. establish a mission relationship with a church overseas
  4. finish my doctorate
  5. maintain a healthy church
  6. publish 3 more books
  7. be a national speaker
  8. win the flower arranging championship at the county fair
  9. read ten (other) classics
  10. (re)learn French
  11. (re)learn Spanish
  12. learn Greek
  13. see the sandhill cranes in NE
  14. see the northern lights
  15. trace my dad’s family heritage
  16. drive the whole St. Lawrence seaway
  17. tour Wrigley FieldIMG_4551
  18. girlfriends’ trip
  19. drive the Blue Ridge parkway
  20. sea kayak
  21. teach a college course
  22. get a hedgehog
  23. get in good shape
  24. see a solar eclipseIMG_4519
  25. watch the top ten movies of all time
  26. pet a cougar
  27. see the cave lake in TN
  28. climb a volcano
  29. Scotland
  30. Iceland
  31. Grand Canyon
  32. Galapagos Islands
  33. see polar bears in the wild
  34. fly first class
  35. pick cranberries
  36. eat durian
  37. tour more of Chicago
  38. be mentioned in an alumni magazine
  39. stand up paddle board
  40. jet ski
  41. have another travel article published
  42. covered bridge country bike rideIMG_5159
  43. ride a bicycle cab
  44. go to a unique festival
  45. spontaneous road trip
  46. sleep on a houseboat
  47. tour the Ferrara Pan factory
  48. go skinny dipping
  49. sing karaoke
  50. picture with World Series Trophy
  51. Walk the Camino de Santiago with Beth
  52. Go to Carnival with Emily (Venice)
  53. Trip with my sister
  54. See the Tolkien exhibit at the Bodleian
  55. Meet Colin Firth or David Tennant
  56. go somewhere with Becca
  57. Hike Angels Landing Trail at Zion Park
  58. Take a helicopter ride
  59. Play one of my high school piano pieces
  60. spend the night in a lighthouse

appendix: spend a month studying at the Kilns


What’s on your list? I’d LOVE to hear.

4 thoughts on “60 Before 60

  1. What a great list! You’ve inspired me to write my own, but I’m too late for 60 by 60. But 70 by 70? I’d better get started! It was good to meet you, however briefly, at the recent Breathe conference. I enjoy reading your blog. All the best, Denise

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