Dear Young Mom

Dear Young Mom (Me),

Look into the face of your little girl. Your first one on her first birthday party. The one with a red cut above her right eye, courtesy of the jungle gym she climbed two days ago. The one who started walking at nine months. The one who has already foiled every baby gate, crib rail and door knob safety cover ever invented. She will break through most barriers set for her, so you might as well get ready.

Years from now, a new Disney princess (you will become very well acquainted with Disney princesses) will encourage you to “Let It Go.” I wish she had told you that sooner. There are so many things I wish you had given yourself permission to let go.

Do you want to read more about permission to let go? I’m over at the MOPS blog today. Please join me.


“Originally published in The MOPS Magazine and posted on The MOPS Blog.

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