Is It Talent, or Is It Hard Work? Yes.


This originally appeared on the Breathe Writers site–a great place I am going to be teaching at in October! I am pretty excited about this. If you’re a writer, I would definitely suggest checking it out.

This piece was written for writers–but I know it applies to everyone. Don’t we all have those places where we know, we know, we’re supposed to push a bit more? Heed our mom’s voice in our ear that sounds like, “Did you really do your best on that?”

No? Just me? Didn’t think so.

Everyone told me I was talented—no one dared to tell me the one thing I needed to hear. I was also lazy. No one taught me what Malcolm Gladwell would teach me later—don’t walk in prepared for success unless you’ve also slogged through a lot of hours of ugly, inglorious, hard work.

Read the rest here.


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