Reading Outside my Norm

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 4.38.58 PM

When my kids were in school, I spent about eight years coaching our junior high Battle of the Books team. Think Jeopardy for YA literature. The kids read twenty books and answered competition questions like, “In what book would you find main characters who speak lapin?” (Answer: Watership Down, by Richard Adams.) Oh yeah. The coach still has it.

Several of the books we read were best sellers written by Joan Bauer.

Joan Bauer retweets me.

Yes, this does make me inordinately excited.

Today, I’m over at the Breathe Writer’s blog, talking about underdogs, reading uncomfortably, Joan Bauer, and my new book. 🙂  Join me here to hear the whole story!

I’m also speaking at the Breathe Conference the first weekend in October! I am excited to pack up for Grand Rapids once again–it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places. If you’re there, say hi! (If you’re a writer–GO!)



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