Four Ways to Stop Bullying


I think the real teasing started for me in third grade. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the blue cat’s eye glasses I got that year. OK, so I loved blue. (Still do.) But my parents definitely should have steered me away from that particular fashion choice.

The painfully shy awkward girl who got straight A’s and could always be found in a corner reading a book? That was me. Years later, I discovered with our daughter’s diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome that I likely exhibited some of those characteristics as well. It made me a target for cruelty I didn’t know how to manage until much, much later.

So many kids know the feeling—the whispered rumors in the hallway, the subtle exclusion from certain groups of girls, the guys who laugh when you walk by. The targeted don’t really know why, but they know it’s not good.  Unfortunately, the “why” could be anything. Something different about a girl’s looks.

This week, I had the opportunity to post at All Mom Does with Four Ways to Stop Bullying.

Please continue to read here.



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