This Is the Church

Today, a beautiful post by my friend Andrea. It fit perfectly with the topic of the month–the church.

This is the Church

This is the Church.

Forgive me for taking pictures during church but it was a sacred moment that I had to permanently capture. It needed to be more than a mental memory because those memories are all too fleeting these days (at my age).

This is not about their skin color. Honestly, I didn’t even notice that until after I’d taken the picture.

This is about a woman sitting in church alone . . .  with tear stained cheeks.

This is about a woman being brave enough to come to church alone with a hurting heart. I wonder if she thought she shouldn’t even come. I wonder if she just knew she needed to come. Because that’s where hurting hearts should go.

This is about a woman who was sitting comfortably with her husband. She noticed the woman sitting in church alone, crying alone. She went to sit by her.

I watched her move. There was no hesitation.

Maybe she knew why the woman was crying. Maybe she didn’t. Maybe she didn’t even know who that woman was. But she noticed. She noticed the aloneness. She noticed the tears. And she moved. It was as if she had no other choice.

No one should have to sit alone in church. No one should have to cry alone in church. Or anywhere.

More than her mere act of companionship, she shared her own tears with her and never took her arm from around her shoulder.

Maybe the tearful woman thought about not even coming that morning, but I bet she’s glad she did.

This is love.

This is community.

This is the Church.

The Church may not be perfect but She’s good. Maybe not all of the time, but some of the time. And maybe even most of the time.


“So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in ENCOURAGING LOVE AND HELPING OUT, NOT AVOIDING WORSHIPING TOGETHER AS SOME DO BUT SPURRING EACH OTHER ON, especially as we see the big Day approaching.” ~Hebrews 10:25


Andrea Stunz is a wife, mom, mother-in-law and grandmother, a well-traveled sunrise chaser, and a stumbling pilgrim in need of good coffee and the grace of Jesus. She writes at  

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