Sounds of Our Lives


#FridayFive today at Mrs. Disciple is “Five Audibles.” Any five sounds—Go.

So here are the first five I came up with. 

What’s playing on my iTunes:

Lots of Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, and Tenth Avenue North. Since I got the car with bluetooth last spring, I never listen to the radio anymore. Sorry radio, this is my jam. And you seriously bore me (or give me a sugar overload) with your pop Christian music. Come open car windows time, you may hear Afterlife shooting out my speakers. Because that’s a song to turn all the way up. (You could also hear a lot of Jason Gray and Sarah Groves. Or Broadway musicals. Or the LOTR soundtrack. Because I like to mix it up.)

What I work out to:

Not music. That’s my time to catch up on podcasts. My favorite is the Phil Vischer podcast. Hilarious (of course) but also incredibly intelligent commentary on what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century. I often want the transcripts so I can quote them.

Favorite sound ever (besides my family’s voices):

The ocean. There is nothing so wonderful to me as falling asleep to the sound of waves out my window. Unless it’s waking up to the sound of waves out my window.


Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence. I am in my peaceful place standing on a pile of boulders feeling the salt spray in my face, peering into an endless swirl of water, and hearing it crash around my feet. Happy, peaceful, happy, peaceful, happy, happy place.

Favorite words to hear:

“I’m home.”


Whether it’s husband or daughter #2 coming through the door after work, daughter #3 away at college, daughter #1 who lives a half-hour away, or a kid we’ve “adopted” for a season, those words mean that someone is safe and here. If only for the moment. Home is sacred and safe and lovely. I treasure it when we’re all snuggled together on the couch or stretched out eating a holiday dinner. It doesn’t last. But while it does, they’re home. We’re home.

(A close second–“Let’s go on a road trip!” Because being away from home is awesome, too. When we’re together.)

And finally . . . 



There is no sound introverts like better sometimes than no sound at all. Particularly after spending a lot of time with other people. I also cannot write or read with noise. No background soundtracks for me, thank you. Who else out there stays up late into the night simply to curl up on the couch, grab a book, and hear absolutely nothing? I see those hands.

What about you? What are your sounds?

10 thoughts on “Sounds of Our Lives

  1. hgerwing

    Jill!!!! Were we separated at birth?? I love that we had so many similarities!! I grew up in NJ less than an hour from the beach, it will forever be my most favorite place in the world. And writing… I so want to be able to write at a coffee shop but… all. the. noise. : )


  2. I love the sound of the waves also. And silence. We went hiking on Mt. Goliath in Colorado a few years ago, and at one point we just sat down and listened to almost complete silence. No traffic, no electrical devices, no water, no wind, and almost no birds even. Very peaceful.


  3. Oh my goodness! I love your list!!! I typically listen to nothing while I work out, but what a great idea to listen to podcasts! And the sound of the ocean….there is nothing better…other than our families voices of course! Thanks for sharing this great list!!

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