Friday Five–Five Adjective that Are You

This week’s Friday Five linkup is a fun one. Five adjectives. What five adjectives describe you? I thought this would be a fun opportunity for us to get to know one another better. I’ll list my five, and I’d love to hear five adjectives that describe you in the comments. Please!

(Plus. Because I’m a pastor, I made them all “I’s.” Because I’m fun like that. Alliteration is optional for you.)


So easy to come up with first. I need my bubble. Last night, we went to see Star Wars. (Finally, since the fist time we tried to see it the fire alarm went off and the theater cleared. Fun times.) But when we got home, I needed at least a half hour to myself in total quiet. It was that overstimulating. I don’t do overstimulation.

I am off the charts, people. I can actually relate sometimes to socially-awkward Mr. Darcy, staring, blinking at people, vaguely wondering if they are saying anything I need to be paying attention to. I’m that bad at small talk.

Plusses—I can be very productive all by myself, and I can go deep with things that need it.

Minuses—I don’t know how to meet people. I really don’t. I’m the public speaker who loves speaking to hundreds of people but cannot mingle afterward to save my life. Yep. Poor Darcy is not standoffish—he’s terrified.


I like to learn. I like to research. I like to understand. I have All. The. Questions. It used to drive my poor mother batty.

Plusses—I can research like nobody’s business. If it needs knowing, I will find it.

Minuses—I can research until it’s dead and I know way more about a project than anyone will ever need to. Thus, procrastinating the project. No one cares about all that background information I dug up on that article. Just write it already.

(Although some reader somewhere will know and will care and will send you comments like “Han Solo never used a light saber so what do you know?” while completely ignoring the point of your article. Yes, they will.)


Another Myers-Briggs measurement in which I am way off to one side. I just know, OK? First impressions are usually right. You won’t be hiding a lot from me. I can see down the road and get in the right lane long before most. (Literally, sometimes, a trait quite opposite of my husband, which drives me batty.)

Plusses—Great strategist at work, here.

Minuses—Sometimes I don’t just know. But I think I do. And I get sooo impatient with those like my dear husband who is, um, not exactly intuitive. At All. I want to know why not instead of letting him be who he is and playing to his strengths. Wrong answer.


Not in the important things. I just may have a shorter list of what’s important. But I manage a strange mix of taking life very seriously and not taking it seriously at all. Whatevs—it works for me.

Truth, I’ve lived long enough to have a firmer grasp on what merits drama and what does not than I did once upon a time. And very, very little does. I hold the rest lightly. I don’t need to defend myself—God is my attorney. And I certainly don’t need to jump on anyone in order to defend God. He’s quite capable.

Plusses—You probably can’t offend me. I mean, not that I’m asking for you to try, but it probably won’t work. And that is quite different from the person I used to be.

Minuses—I throw people off with my sense of humor. They’re not quite sure what to make of certain statements. I should probably try to be less sarcastic and a little more concrete. Nah.


OK, not really, but I could not come up with an adjective that started with an “I” that was synonymous with stubborn, determined, with a shade of rebellion. So insubordinate it is. See #4 if you are disturbed by that.

I don’t mean that I disregard authority (um, sometimes, maybe) but that words like “You can’t do that” are fighting words to me. If you want me to do something, the only surefire way to manage it is to tell me I probably can’t. Although, that streak might work the other way, and I just might say, “I didn’t want to.” It depends on the mood.

Plusses—It got me through the early loss of my parents. It gets me through a profession that may have the highest percentage of male domination of any career. (Perhaps the military beats the evangelical clergy. But not by much.)

Minuses—That should be obvious. Rebellion is sexy in movies, but often it’s just plain lazy circumvention of dealing with issues in real life.

And one I want in 2016—Gentle. In the biblical definition, which is:

Sensitivity of disposition and kindness of behavior, founded on strength and prompted by love.

Founded on strength (not weakness like we often think) and prompted by love.

I just want to be gentle in 2016. The world needs it.

What about you? What are your adjectives? What would you like to be able to say about yourself? I’d like to know you better, too.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Five–Five Adjective that Are You

    1. Haha. It looks like a tattoo, but it’s henna. I actually got it in Austin at a market in SoCo! It’s the tree of kings from LOTR. No tattoos on this girl. I deal with enough needles on a regular basis. 😉


  1. Bonus points for the alliteration, Pastor Jill! And I LOVE the many faces of Jill. The pictures are such a beautiful part of this post. You are such a lovely mixed bag!! I really can not wait to hang out with you again. Austin was too brief. #FTL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In our case, he is actually worse than I am. Because he is so not intuitive. He has to know every possible detail in order to make any decision. I need to learn more patience with that, especially since our youngest is the same way. But liking to know and having to know–I think that’s the difference.


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