Random Stuff Jill Likes

Strange trivia about Jill

Those eyelashes, though.
  • I can tell you all 197 countries of the world.
  • I cannot roll my tongue.
  • My favorite color crayola when I was a kid was cornflower blue.
  • I can sew, scrapbook, and make most any kind of craft. But I have dismally failed at anything having to do with yarn. Do not ask me to knit or crochet. Or draw. I know that has nothing to do with yarn. But I still can’t do it.
  • I have played Mother Superior (Sound of Music), Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast), and Addaperle (The Wiz) on stage. And other things. You should see pictures. No, you shouldn’t. But there’s one right up there.
  • I took tuna sandwiches to school practically every day of my life in grade school. If it wasn’t tuna it was jelly and butter on toast.
  • Chocolate and cheese are the best two things in life.
  • Every year we build a gingerbread extravaganza. Past countertop masterpieces have included: Hogwarts, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Rapunzel’s Tower, and my personal favorite, Minas Tirith.


  • Chocolate marzipan—Best. Candy. Ever. Too stinking hard to find. One reason I also love Cost Plus World Market, O great stocker of chocolate marzipan. And other really cool stuff.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (chunky!)
  • Three Musketeers
  • Charleston Chew
  • Lemon Heads
  • Taffy
  • And—ready for this? Those little flying saucer things you can only get in old time candy stores. You know if you’ve had them. A weird taste combo like styrofoam surrounding nerds. Love them. Cannot explain why.

   Spending Ourselves
Other food:

  • Calamari and clams. Don’t hate.
  • Cheese. With anything. Of almost any kind. Except Swiss. One favorite quote of our European vacation: Mom (bending over dairy case in a store in Switzerland): Man! All they have here is Swiss cheese!
  • Chai lattes and bubble tea and Peet’s Green Tea Matcha Javiva with a shot of vanilla. In case you’re buying.
  • Cocoa covered almonds. These are totally not in the candy category. They’re nuts. They’re good for you.
  • Key Lime Pie. Still in search of the best slice ever served. I will keep looking. Everywhere.
  • Blue Cheese Steaks
  • crab rangoon


Anything that’s not a chain when I travel. It’s a rule—no chains restaurants on the road. Everybody needs to try something new and adventurous.

  • Cinnabon
  • Corner Bakery
  • Anything Thai
  • Barbakoa
  • Culver’s cod sandwich and cheese curds
  • Joy Yee Noodles
  • Aaaand then there are these…


Lord of the Rings, BBC Pride and Prejudice, King’s Speech, Mulan, Chariots of Fire (throwback there), Dr. Who 50th, Frozen, Princess Bride. You might note a definite absence of chick flicks. OK, there are a few good ones. A few.


  • Quelf—this is soooo perfect for my family. You have no idea. Only problem is, when one of us starts acting really, really weird cuz a card tells us we have to do something like, I don’t know, put a strainer on our head and bellow like a water buffalo, nobody notices anything unusual.
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Mad Gab
  • Jigsaw Puzzles. Not ridiculously hard ones.
  • Apples to Apples



  • Walk Two Moons
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Les Miserables
  • Pride and Prejudice (and everything else she wrote)
  • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Absolutely Normal Chaos
  • The Hobbit

Fave Places I’ve Been


  • Washington coast
  • Nova Scotia
  • Paris
  • Venice
  • Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Chattanooga
  • Bavaria, Germany
  • Victoria, Canada
  • Disneyworld!
  • San Francisco and Yosemite
  • Montana
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Costa Rica
  • Puerto Rico
  • Michigan UP
  • Florida Keys and the Everglades

Do you sense a theme here? How many of these are inland? That’s right, four. Four out of fifteen. (I don’t count Orlando. It’s close enough to the ocean. And Lake Superior is close enough to a sea.)

 Dream Trips

  • New Zealand and Tasmania
  • Iceland
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Wales, to walk the coastal trail
  • Manitoba to see polar bears. From a safe distance. And northern lights.
  • Scotland–Isle of Skye
  • Argentina or Chile to see penguins
  • The Maldives. OK, I just really want to stay in one of those glass-bottom huts over the water.
  • Montenegro

Yeah, and all these are on the water. Except Manitoba. Unless they’ve moved it. And polar bears are totally worth going inland for.


Cobalt blue. And teal, and yellow, and orange, and purple . . . But cobalt blue is the best.

Favorite Bible Verses

  • Psalm 145
  • Romans 8
  • 1 Corinthians 12:9
  • Psalm 139

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