HOT! A New Novel

Today I have the privilege to introduce you to a new novel by David Stearman. Now, if you know me by now, you know I’m not a huge novel reader. My favorite living writer is Malcolm Gladwell, people. 

But I have been blogging with David for a while and greatly respect his skill and desire to tell a good story that moves people toward God. So it’s exciting to hear his take on how HOT! does just that.

David, first Give us the gist of the new book without giving it away.

Hot is the story of a young Jake, whose competitiveness with his peers drives him to become a rock star. He gives his all to reach this goal, sacrificing friends and even Chloe, the girl he loves, to reach the top. But once there he discovers how lonely life can be at the top. Now all he wants is to restore the dream he lived before his dreams came true. But most of all, Jake wants reconnect with Chloe, whom he once betrayed. Can he do it? Can Jake find his way back home and into Chloe’s arms? Well, you’ve gotta read the book to find out.

How did the idea for this book start?

I used to be a recording artist, so elements of this story are autobiographical. My dream was legitimate, and God made it happen. But I’m thankful I never made it “enormously big” like Jake did. Past a certain point, a life of fame can be rife with pitfalls.
What appealed to you about the setting, history, or culture of the project?

My love of the music business. Which is not unlike the “book business,” which I love every bit as much.

What aspect of the main character makes him/her most interesting?

We can all relate to Jake’s insecurity and vulnerability. And his childlike simplicity and fascination for life makes him lovable. What makes him interesting are his choices; how he chooses poorly in the beginning but learns from his mistakes later on.

What drives you when you write?

The desire to help someone else live a happier, more fulfilled life. I know this might sound fake, and even cheesy to some people, but it’s the truth.

Just for Fun–what is the best travel experience you’ve ever had (or worst!), favorite hobby, and/or favorite place/cuisine to eat?

Best travel inexperience: I do a lot of missionary work, so seeing an entire Philippine village who had never heard the Gospel stand upon their feet and give their lives to Jesus Christ was the best thing ever.

Favorite hobby: Archery. My arms itch to shoot arrows every day. I can’t explain it. I know it sounds boring, but shooting an awesome score is just too much fun. Think if it like golf, but you get to poke things with a pointy stick.

Favorite place/cuisine: I have two, which contrast with one another. I once had canard en croute in a little restaurant in the South of France. It was every bit as awesome as it sounds. But my favorite of all are the huevos rancheros my friend Roman whips up in his humble little rooftop cafe in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

What else is in the works for you?

I recently wrote a novella about cowboys, Apaches, and some supernatural goings-on. It’s a blast, but heartwarming and meaningful, too. My agent said it made her cry. Can’t wait ‘til this one’s out in print.

You can learn more about David by: 
Following him on Twitter
Finding him on Facebook
Checking out his reviews on Goodreads
Or reading his blog.
And you can order HOT! Now here.

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