what is one thing?

Last week, I mentioned one of my all-time favorite comic strips. The Closet of Anxieties and scary beasties that won’t let us sleep. What’s the best tactic for tackling that scary place that harbors all our biggest fears and nagging worries?

I found a quote that perfectly sums up my new philosophy of fear.

When I’m afraid, I have a practice of walking right into my fears rather than away from them. If people can get used to that, their fear will dissipate. Most of the power of fear is in your mind; it doesn’t really exist. It’s just this idea that looms because we are unwilling to face it. But the way to declaw it, the way to defuse it, is to step into it—right into the middle of it—and do the thing that you are afraid to do. (Michael Hyatt)

Isn’t this true? Simply, plainly, true? But soooo hard. As Princess Mia would say, “The concept is grasped. The execution is a little elusive.”

The way to declaw it is to step into it.” Eek.

So quickly, today—what is one thing you need to declaw? Notice, I didn’t say want. I said need.

What is one step you can take to walk straight into it? What equal and opposite reaction might you get when you step forward? (There will always be opposition to change. Inertia has power. That’s why it’s called a law of the universe.) Can you prepare for that?

Take that one step, and tell me about it. Let’s walk together.

And for fun, appreciate the genus of Opus here. We all need a dandelion break.

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