When life gives you snow . . . Friday favorites

Our most recent moment of delight. Because when life gives you snow, make mailbox castles.

It’s Friday, so it’s time for the mash up of the best blogs this week. This week, why not focus on fun? But real fun–as in, how do we define it? How do we know it when we see it?  

1–The Actual Pastor offers just plain fun in–delight. Do we pass over it too easily? Especially appropriate for us northerners. (He’s a Minnesotan and, hey, I was one. I can relate.)

2–This blog explains beautifully how maybe we miss the fun because we’ve got it defined all wrong. I love it. I’e done it. And she’s spot on. 

“I looked at my exhausted, dirty children grinning silly and full and I didn’t feel bad at all. Because I realized I had given them something money could’t buy. I had offered them something more valuable than the latest technology or hottest brand. I had given them perspective.”

3–And finally, what do we do with the joy and abundance we possess? Does it have a limit? Are limits a myth when it comes to giving?

“Jesus answers their scarcity question: ‘How can I?” with the abundant question:’Howe much bread do you have?’ Jesus always answers our scarcity question: ‘How can I?’ with the abundant question: ‘How much do you have?‘”

Enjoy your fun, and have a delight-filled weekend. Especially if it snows. Again.

Forgot I promised a cat with these. This one is in his favorite spot. By the heating vent. He’ll fight for this position.

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