best of the week. and a cat.

Here is something i’m going to start trying to do on Fridays–a round up of the best articles I’ve read during the week. Sometimes I’ll do them in categories. (If there’s a category you’d like to see, mention it in comments!) Sometimes they’ll just be random. And maybe a couple videos thrown in here and there. But I hope you enjoy and find something of value to take into your weekend. If there’s one you really like, share it around!


“What would happen if each of us appointed our own panel of authentic and caring reviewers, and then pushed the mute button on the cacophony of other voices reviewing us?” 

This guy has almost always got something good to say about how we learn value and pass it on. Do we let the wrong people review u?


Ain’t that always it: We want clarity — and God gives a call.

We want a road map — and God gives a relationship.

We want answers — and God gives His hand.”

Can’t say how much I loved this. Five words that will change your life? That’s what she promises. That’s what she delivers.

#3–And this? This is the story of my life. Really. This is the battle I’ve fought and still fight. How do we shoot ourselves in the foot by refusing to try hard things?

This fear of being unmasked as the incompetent you “really” are is so common that it actually has a clinical name: impostor syndrome. A shocking number of successful people (particularly women), believe that they haven’t really earned their spots, and are at risk of being unmasked as frauds at any moment. Many people deliberately seek out easy tests where they can shine, rather than tackling harder material that isn’t as comfortable.”

#4–Do you have a dream? Do you know why you have a dream? I love how this tells the truth about dreaming instead of pop psych.

“It takes such courage to have a dream. And it takes more to communicate that dream, and even more to take steps to make it happen.”

Have a great weekend!

because everyone loves a good cat pic

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