gauchos, Gidget, and how does one play knick-knack?

We take time out today for some complete silliness. Not really. When I wrote this, it was serious. As serious as I get, anyway. I wrote the list below shortly before my kidney transplant, almost seven years ago. It was the same disease that killed my mother at the age of fifty. 

Through dissecting much of my approach to that day, I realized something. I realized I’d never really made bucket lists and retirement plans and all those other things sensible people do because I hadn’t made any firm plans to get to that age. 

So, this is the “list” I made seven years ago that I decided I would live long enough to accomplish. That #6? Still in progress. But, on the other hand, I have ziplined and crossed suspension bridges. That should count for a lot.

Wait, who’s the crazy one here?

I planto live long enough to:

  1. Laugh when my children’s children are teenagers.
  2. Go trick-or-treating with my grandkids and argue over who gets the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. (Yes, I will dress up.)
  3. See gauchos go out of style for good.
  4. See the Northern Lights.
  5. Never hear the words Britney Spears or Paris Hilton in conversation. Nor any children that they have or may have in the future. (Those names might change for today’s news. Any suggestions?)
  6. Ride a roller coaster.
  7. See Gidget come back as a popular baby name. (Have you ever actually met anyone outside a sitcom named Gidget?)
  8. Tell my grandkids about walking to school, every day, uphill, with wild animals all around me. (It was across a field, and the wild animals were garter snakes. But still. One did slither across my foot.)
  9. Rescue one child from hunger, abuse, or fear.
  10. Sing along with the elevator music. Loudly.
  11. Find out just how one “plays knick knack.” (I’ll ask my husband. He’ll be an old man then. He should know.)
  12. Say “I love you” t least 31,015 times. 
  13. Take a road trip to nowhere.
  14. Elect a female president I actually want to vote for.
  15. Be a crazy cat lady.
What would you put on a list of things you planned to accomplish before you die? 

What are you waiting for?

I think I’ll go find an elevator.

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