new YA choice in books

And the final excerpt from new December books–just in time for Christmas!
A word from Michelle Dennis Evans, author of Spiraling Out of Control, a book for the older YA audience.
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Temptation, depression, seduction, betrayal … Not what Stephanie was expecting at fifteen years of age. Uprooted from her happy, all-girl high school life with a dream filled future and thrown into an unfriendly co-ed school, Stephanie spirals into depression. 

When charismatic high school senior, Jason notices her, Stephanie jumps in feet first and willingly puts all her faith and trust in him, a boy she barely knows. 
Every choice she makes and turn she takes leads her towards a dangerous path.

Her best friend is never far away and ready to catch her … but will she push Tabbie too far away when she needs her most? 

This novel contains adult themes.
Recommended reading audiences 17+ 

Excerpt – Chapter 2 part d

Stephanie pulled at her fingernails. Her nerves forced shallow breaths. She could see the church from the car, shadowed in the morning sun by a large historic red brick building, with arched windows. Probably where a bunch of old nuns live.
She glanced back towards the primary school and saw her mother. She stared into her lap as a shiver raced through her skin. How far would I get if I made a run for it?
“Well, that was just lovely,” her mother said. “April’s new teacher, Mrs Day, was so welcoming.”
“Sure.” Stephanie sighed.
“Now it’s your turn.” Diane drove up the hill and around the corner. “Are you okay?”
“What do you reckon?” Stephanie clenched her teeth.
“I reckon you’ll settle in fine. It’s similar to the type of school I went to. You’ll make friends easily. Soon you’ll be having so much fun you won’t have time to think about Sydney.”
Stephanie glared at her mother. You’ve got to be joking.
“Right, here we are.” Her mother’s voice unnaturally bubbled. “Just enough time for me to sign those papers before you need to be in class. Come on, stop dawdling.”
Stephanie tightened her ponytail, trying to remember the way out in case she needed to leave quickly. She followed her mother along the walkway that led into the high school office. Pungent cleaning agents clung to the atmosphere while the receptionist completed the paperwork. She handed Stephanie her timetable and gave her the directions to her homeroom.
“Thank you.” Her mother took the map.
“Mum.” Stephanie snatched it back. “You can go. I have the details.”
“Okay then, have a good day.”
Stephanie rolled her eyes and set off to meet her new homeroom teacher. As she walked through a cool leafy area with tables and chairs, a sense of peace came over her. I could come here to eat lunch. The directions led her towards another building where she counted the stairs. Ten. The bell rang and students rushed everywhere. Stephanie side-stepped to avoid collision.
She gripped the straps of her school bag ’til her knuckles turned white, hoping to hide her trembling hands. By the time she found her homeroom, she was late.

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Michelle Dennis Evans writes picture books, chapter books, young adult contemporary novels and enjoys dabbling in free verse poetry. Her debut novel Spiralling Out of Control and poetry collection Life Inspired both reached #1 in subcategories on Amazon in their first week of release. Michelle is passionate about seeing people grow and move forward in their journey. She lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and four super active, super fun and super time consuming children. Find Michelle and all of her social media links at

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