new thing Tuesday–Make a Wish!

This week, I’ve been reading Marlayne Giron’s book Make a Wish, a compilation of stories she has written for other people in which they are “the star.” I like the idea for her book, as Marlayne works to make others feel blessed and important by featuring them in a fictional story that fulfills some wish they have. Not only does she use her creative abilities to write entertaining stories, but she seeks out friends and acquaintances who need something to lift their spirits and intentionally blesses them with a story. She also offers a story to readers who contact her.

Marlayne has two other books out, and her information follows. Do you have a wish? It can come to (fictional) life!

Marlayne Giron is a Messianic Jew who found Christ as her Messiah at the age of 17 while watching Franco Zefferelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth” on television in 1977.  After coming to faith, she began to read the Old Testament for the first time and was amazed to discover that believing in Jesus was a very Jewish thing to do and not a betrayal of her Jewish religion as she had been taught by her parents and the rabbi’s in her synagogues.
In the course of her life she has had many small ”miracles” occur; the first major one being coming to faith in Christ when she hadn’t even been looking for it and with a built-in bias against Him.  The second was meeting and marrying her future husband Michael whom she had prayed for by name as well as writing and illustrating a story (with his image in it) five years before meeting him.  The third is the publication of The Victor after almost 30 years with no previous publication credits to her name.  All three of these significant milestones in her life occurred on the Easter holidays. The fourth was becoming a mother of an adopted daughter on Christmas Eve in 1997.
Marlayne Giron is a full-time career secretary, wife and mother who likes to read, cook, entertain, draw and scrapbook. She is the author of “The Victor, A Tale of Betrayal, Love & Sacrifice”; “Make a Wish (Stories Written for Real People Where They are the Star)”; and “In Plain Sight”; her first Amish fiction.

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