eliminating the buzz

May 1st. Do you know what that means? Besides that we should now have the temperatures we had in March? It means I can legally shop anywhere I like today. Except, I don’t really need to. Most of these months of having only seven options, I’ve almost counted the hours until I could eat something other than chicken and lettuce or wear something other than the same three shirts. But today? I have really, really enjoyed limiting the options and time spent driving everywhere for things I can do without. Maybe a plant nursery on the way home . . .

This month, however, does not promise to be so enjoyable or easy. Seven forms of media need to be cut out of my life for the month of May. The challenge in this is that I don’t use that much media. Oh, I am glued to my computer for a lot of the day, make no mistake. But not much else. So is it cheating if I give up TV, which I almost never turn on? If it is, call me a cheater, because that’s in there. Seven is a lot to come up with, so give a girl a break.

Will we all spend more time together this month? Will our semi-unplugged family look up from our computers and say, “Wow, when did you go blonde?” I can only hope. That’s the point anyway, to take those things that get in between people out of the way and see what happens.

Seven forms of media I’m taking a break from in May:

  • Facebook. You knew that had to be there. I’ll still be around for professional communication, but I will not be scrolling down my wall (or whatever they are calling it now) to see what you all are up to. No matter how much I am tempted. And the world will have to do without my sparkling wit in daily status updates. Who am I kidding? I update statuses like an anaconda eats–not at all for a week and then six times in one day. 
  • Pinterest. Sadly, I will have no idea what the newest recipes and garden decor are for May. Sniff. I can hear my family crying now. They were actually eating some good stuff since I discovered pinterest food boards.
  • Online jigsaw puzzles. There, now you know my computer addiction. I have never seen the appeal in Farmville or Angry Birds or any of the other 101 games you’ve all asked me to play. I am sorry. But I spend way too much time doing puzzles in the morning when I should be working. So, no more. That’s going to hurt.
  • TV. That’s not going to hurt. It would if the Olympics were on yet, but otherwise, I don’t really care.
  • The car radio. Silence in my car. Wow. That might be so totally foreign I won’t know what to do. I am a music person, so I won’t like this either. But at least I will no longer have to switch stations when female artists with two first names and inane lyrics come on. There is that.
  • My iPod. Ouch. Yes, I sometimes use it for music while I’m walking, but the truth? I usually listen to a lecture from The Tolkien Professor. Call me a geek. It’s better than when you called me a cheater. But I so love them.
  • I can’t think of a seventh one! I really can’t! Can you help me? Offer suggestions–I’m open. Can’t give up magazines, because one of my chores for May is to clean out our vastly overflowing magazine bin. And I really, really don’t want to give up texting. Can I pretend I ever actually used my Twitter account and then give it up? What else? Help!!

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