peacocks we have heard on high . . .

Some of you will hate me for this post. I have an admission to make. I don’t mind Christmas decorations in October. I may be only one year shy of getting to join the red hat society, but every year I still love to walk through Christmas displays at the store. Yes, I do. I always will. There is something about twinkling lights that makes me joyful every time.

I do not and will not ever do plastic or blow up lawn decorations. I think my husband might actually consider that fair grounds for separation, so even if I wanted to, I would not do this. But lights? The more the better, as far as I’m concerned. They make me happy.

So this year, I fell in love with the light-up peacock lawn ornament at Menard’s. Yes, tis true, as far as I know, peacocks have nothing to do with Christmas. Absolutely nothing. I cannot even think of a remote, random tie in. Even my imagination is coming up blank here. Maybe the Twelve Days of Christmas? Nope, no peacocks there, amidst all those other birds. But still, I love it. I shouldn’t. I know this. But I do.

And now that I’ve admitted this, you must share. What is your guilty holiday pleasure?

2 thoughts on “peacocks we have heard on high . . .

  1. Anonymous

    lol. I can understand your love of the beautiful peacock even if it isn't Christmasy and like you I don't care for the blown up christmas ornaments. But w/my two grandboys admiring them . . . who's to say what I'll do for them? I suppose that will have to be my “guilty holiday pleasure.” 🙂



  2. I've had a tough time holding the line on the plastic and blow up things with my kids–they like them too. But I've stayed strong! When grandkids come along, though, I realize all bets are off!


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