We’ve been talking about young adult literature. I’m curious about your experience. I love the stories some of you have shared about a book that made a lasting impression on you early in life. (And early in life is getting later and later the older we get, right?) Let’s be real here, some of us are having a hard time remembering what we read in high school. So those of you still there or around there, help us out, OK?

So, please let us know:
  • What was your favorite assigned book from high school?
  • What was your least favorite/most detested/one you burned in the fire pit just as soon as you finished the final exam on that puppy?
  • And what book did you discover later in life that you learned to love or wished you had discovered earlier?
The more input we get the more fun I’m going to have, at least, reading through to see what has affected other people.
I’ll share mine later.

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