signing off

This week’s World Vision devotion focuses on carelessness. No, not carelessness as in, “My husband dropped our middle child on her head when she was three days old.” Although he did, which could explain some things. This is carelessness with another definition, as in “having no one to care for you. Being set aside or ostracized.” You can read the story referenced for the week at:

But the practices they wanted me to try out for the week in order to feel more uncared for presented a bit of a problem.

First option: “Wear a piece of clothing every day that will make you stand out in a crowd – something unflattering that will definitely make people take notice.” I figured anyone who knew me well enough would not notice at all. They’d just think I was being normally abnormal. And anyone who doesn’t? Well, who really cared?

Second option: “Go without any contact/communication with your closest loved one.” I offered this option to my husband. He was not thrilled with the idea. Although my kids offered not to have to hear me talking at them for a full week, he was not happy at the thought. And since it’s only supposed to be one closest loved one, I didn’t figure I should choose a child and say, “Yep–you’re the closest one.”

Third option:” Go without any contact/communication with your typical group of friends.” Potentially feasible. Even if my children replied that I do not have a typical group of friends. I’m not sure if they were saying I have no friends or just that they are not normal. Since my daughter is fasting form Facebook for Lent, I thought, I could do that for a week. That’s cutting contact off pretty well.

I am not one of those people who thinks that Facebook is spelling the doom of social life as we know it. I do not believe it keeps people from face to face conversation, though it can. I have found it a great tool for keeping up with people I would otherwise not hear from on a regular basis. If not for Facebook, I would never have reconnected with high school friends and had a wonderful time at the theater and a hysterical time at dinner in February (you know who you are). I would not see pictures of great nephews who are totally adorable.

But for this week, I haven’t and won’t see any of those things. In fact, child #3 is going to post this link for me so I am not tempted. It’s already hard. I miss you! So I cannot imagine the pain of a little girl who goes through life with no one to connect with her in a meaningful way. Read the story. Then bless God that you cannot relate. And look around you for someone who can.

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