time flies–on a jet plane

So, I’m thinking this is not a coincidence. At our Happiness Project meeting this week, I announced that my goal for November was to “find time.” Find as in, clearly, it is getting lost somewhere, and if I can just figure out where the bad fairies in our house are hiding it, I am sure I will be able to accomplish all those noble goals I want for my life. Along with getting the dishes washed within the same week that they are used.

No, I’m not making any great resolutions for using that time wisely at this point. Right now, I just want to figure out where it is. You can’t use something wisely if you have no idea where it is. Or, in my case, if your time has jetted off somewhere and is sitting on a beach drinking virgin strawberry daiquiris instead of working hard for you. (Wow, I definitely had to look that word up on spell check; you can tell I don’t drink.)

In the same day that I made that goal, I received a link to a website for a book called 168 Hours that had a download for a time management spreadsheet. I could and would track every hour in the day and how it is used. It starts at 5 am. That is amusing, to say the least. But you are supposed to track how much sleep you get, too. It’s already making me want to use that time better. First “coincidence.”

As part of my goal, I determined to look up the concept of writing a novel in a month, something I’ve heard about and knew there would be information out there somewhere on. My current work is stuck at chapter three and getting nowhere fast. As it turns out, November is National Write a Novel in a Month month. Who knew? There is not only a website but a word counter, support groups, write ins, and general kicks in the butt to get a person going. Starting November 1st. The month I made this goal. Second “coincidence.”

I’m thinking these things are adding up. Time, I’m going to find you. I’m going to round you up and take you prisoner to serve me. I’m going to kick your butt for a change. Or else, I’m going to join you on that beach. It could go either way. I’ll keep you posted.



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