in america, they haven’t used it in years

I have, again, been remiss in keeping up to date on holiday celebrations. This does not mean however, that they have passed unnoticed. Last week, in fact, we celebrated one of my personal favorites–Eliza Doolittle Day. And you ask, who the heck is Eliza Doolittle?

None of my community theater friends are asking that. You are all nodding your heads, agreeing that of course this was an event of extreme importance, and realizing that you yourself celebrated it by going out and buying violets, chocolates, speaking in a cockney accent, and visualizing that coworker you can’t stand in front of a firing squad. But some of you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I have loved Eliza since my mother took me to see My Fair Lady at the Woodstock Theater when I was a little girl, and she has been my dream role on stage since beginning my odyssey into community theater. Of course, now that’s probably a dream role in some version of the Heartland Nursing Home Tour, since those roles don’t typically go to the over-40 set, but hey, I think a touring company of aging baby boomers could be the next big thing.

Why celebrate Eliza in May? A result of her own words in her not-exactly-ode to her teacher:

“One evening the king will say, ‘Elza, old thing — I want all of England your praises to sing.
Next week on the twentieth of May, I proclaim Eliza Doolittle Day!”

And so it is.

It is, I feel, a perfect day to:

–Eat chocolate.
–Speak proper English.
(Anyone who knows me knows I feel every day is a fine day for both of these things.)
–Act like a duchess.
–Buy fresh flowers or anything in a farmer’s market.
–Dance in the streets.
–Preface everything with “bloomin’.”
–Watch the movie, of course.

If you prefer, simply watch the clip that gives us the title for this loverly day.

Your trivia question–what does Higgins say they haven’t used in America for years?

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