grab your weapons, citizens!

I am requesting help from my esteemed panel of friends and readers.

Earlier this year, I promised myself (I will not call it a New Year’s resolution) that I would read at least three “classic” works this year that I have never read, despite calling myself a literature major. I began with Les Miserables. Yes, I began with a 500-page book by a French philosopher/writer/19th century political pundit.

This, you may be thinking is, a lot like beginning training for the track team by trying to pole vault 20 feet the first day. Just call it my way. When I was thirteen and decided to read that thing called the Bible that I knew nothing about, I started at the beginning. No one told me that was unwise. Needless to say, long about Leviticus, I started to think God really was as boring as all those Catholic school movies said. Not so, fortunately. But, I do have a tendency to jump into things quickly.

I can report, however, that Les Mis was possibly the best piece of fiction I have ever read, or right up there in the top five, so it was worth all 500 pages. Following this came Tale of Two Cities. Yes, there is a connection, and no, I am not fascinated by the French revolution or bloodshed in general. I figured I should read books set in places I plan to visit, so Paris it was. Have you ever read the words to the French National Anthem, by the way? And people complain that we have a militaristic anthem!

Grab your weapons, citizens!

Form your batallions!

Let us march! Let us march!

May impure blood

Water our fields!

Wow, and they say the French are so laissez-faire.

Here is the question–what should the third book be? I have not made any decisions. I realize you all have no idea what I have already read, but I am taking suggestions. My two favorites, thus far, have been Pride and Prejudice and Lord of the Rings, so you need not mention those, at least. Or anything by Austen. All read several times over:).

What classic of literature should I tackle next? I await my assignment.

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