a difficult choice

This week presents a dilemma. I fail to see how I can observe both Monday’s holiday and today’s. Personally, I lean toward Monday’s. I lean toward that most days.

Monday was officially Vote All the Lawyers Out of Office Day. In a strange twist of fate, today is Be Kind to Lawyers Day. I’m guessing that one of them threatened to sue over Monday, so organizers threw them Wednesday to make them go away.

Also coincidentally, this week for our small group assignment we are supposed to write, in one hundred words or less, how God changed our lives. My first draft was only ten words. “I was headed to law school. God intervened. Enough said.”

A friend and colleague suggested not long ago that we overhaul the entire US government system. He provided solid statistical support for the notion that, if we randomly chose a couple hundred citizens in good standing and “drafted” them to Congress, we could not possibly be doing worse. When their terms were up, we’d draft some more. The idea has some appeal. My dad used to tell his friends that I was going to law school and would one day be “the” senator from Illinois. Good thing he didn’t predict governor is all I can say. It would be challenging to keep up this blog from prison, which does seem to be the local trend.

In point of fact, I planned to be either a constitutional lawyer or an environmental lawyer, neither of which would likely have landed me in any capitol residence. Sometimes, I wish I had pursued that plan, because I wish I could be doing something for the world on a grander scale. Did I throw away the talent for brokering peace in Africa or at least getting them decent drinking water to settle for this? Honestly, at midlife, it’s a tough question. I try to remember that none of us knows the ultimate scale of what we do. Maybe one of the kids I taught will do those things. Maybe one of my kids will. I don’t know.

In any case, to all my lawyer friends, I love you. I know it’s not your fault. And if I meet any lawyers on Be Kind to Lawyers Day, I promise not to trip them. I don’t want to get sued.

2 thoughts on “a difficult choice

  1. Anonymous

    I don't necessarily think the two are mutually exclusive. We can treat them kindly AFTER we remove them from office. In fact, perhaps that was the intention of the second holiday, to get them some compassion once they're working the drive-thru line at McDonald's. Although, perhaps it should be called “Be Kind To Ex-Lawyers Day”



  2. Anonymous

    Maybe the lawyers should be more concerned with truth and justice than paying off their cars, people would be nicer to them.


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