just do it

Doctor’s Day would probably not be my favorite holiday to celebrate. (It was yesterday. I’m behind.) The only doctor I enjoy seeing on a regular basis is the one I live with. Even then, sometimes I have to forgive him his profession. Particularly at 6 o’clock on a Sunday morning or nine at night when he’s not home yet. (Yeah, don’t even get me started on a doctor’s life of wealth and ease. You do not want to go there, especially in today’s political climate.)

But the point–I do want to encourage you to celebrate Doctor’s Day by getting out to see your doc if it has been a while. Let me tell you a story that happened about ten years ago. For that pesky annual checkup, I went to see my primary care physician, a wonderful lady who has since moved away from us, sadly. In the course of events, she thought she located a tiny lump in my neck. She suggested I get it checked out. I planned to ignore it, because that is how I tend to deal with things I find unpleasant, like visiting doctors or cleaning out my inbox or relocating the giant dust bunnies under my couch.

My husband, however, planned otherwise, which is how I found myself in another office being told it was probably nothing, but we’d check it out. A few months later, that same doctor removed my thyroid, found cancer, was surprised, and left me with a profound appreciation for my primary doctor who did not ignore that tiny thing that was probably nothing.

I didn’t go because I thought there was anything wrong with me. I went for a general checkup, like we’re all supposed to do in the course of a year. If I hadn’t, when would someone have found it? It was barely noticeable, even to her. So the moral of the story is–go, if it’s been over a year. I know it’s a pain, but so is cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other trouble that could be there unnoticed. Don’t wait for National Anti-Procrastination Day. (I promise you there is one.) Just do it.

And, as we finish out National Kidney Month, remember, if you are not yet a donor, just do that, too. Nike would be proud. And I would be glad to hear from you if you do.

One thought on “just do it

  1. Wow. I'm so glad you didn't let that go! An inbox is one thing; your life is another.

    I imagine we have a lot in common, me being a preacher's wife. People think my hus only works on Sundays. HA!

    Bless you,


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