sing, loudly

As Young As You Feel Day was yesterday. This is a marvelous sentiment. I feel young. I always want to attempt new things, go new places, and never settle for the status quo. According to several people lately, I look younger than I am. Did I mention I love those people? But, I’m just not positive about the practicality of this.

For instance, I watch my daughter perform back handsprings and flyaways two times a week, and I remember how much I loved gymnastics in high school and college. I can feel the exhilaration of flying off the uneven bars in a twist and sticking the landing. I feel that young, in my heart. But should I try that? Well, as I sit here, recovering from a sprained ankle incurred by simply walking down the street, I’m thinking . . . um, no. I like my assorted body parts unbroken and where they are, naturally. I may wish some of them a bit thinner, but definitely not rearranged.

Watching the recent Olympic games, I think, I could do that. Sure. Twenty or thirty years ago. With a physical body considerably more talented than the one I got. And a lot more self-discipline than God deposited with me. So how to celebrate?

As it turns out, I celebrated a lot last week. Thursday, my daughter had to take indoor pictures for a college class, so we went to the arcade and played games. Almost no one is there at one in the afternoon. You can whack as many moles as you like, and the only people there to look at you funny for being a grown woman in an arcade are the workers. They see so many odd people you hardly register on their radar.

Friday, we took one child out of school early and went to the zoo. No, I do not do this regularly. But it is my hope that, in ten years, she will not remember her Spanish homework for that day, but she will remember we had this very unexpected time together. As today is also International Goof Off Day, I figure we killed two birds with one stone.

Celebrate being as young as you feel. I hope and pray that, for you, that is not older than you actually are. That is a hard place to be. Just for today (or maybe not–maybe any time you feel like it!):

–play on the swings

–eat a double chocolate chip cookie

–read your favorite children’s book

–go for a bike ride to nowhere

–order a Happy Meal

–sing, loudly

–laugh a lot

Let me know how you celebrate!

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