help wanted–no boys allowed

Today, this post definitely requires your participation. Today is Girls Write Now Day. To quote the Girls Write Now website:

“March 8 is Girls Write Now Day, or, as we like to think of it, Girls Write Everywhere Day. It is a day to encourage girls of all ages everywhere in the world to put pen to paper and explore the beauty and power of their unique, creative voices. It is a day to celebrate girls, girl writers, and overall girl awesomeness.”

I have absolutely no trouble believing all of you ladies out there possess incredible amounts of overall girl awesomeness. So, I am requesting the assistance of all girls (women) for this blog post. We want to write a round robin story. We used to do this all the time when the girls were younger. It’s a great way to pass time waiting in a restaurant or in a car with kids.

I will start the story. All of you must continue it with your own additions, however long or short, in the comments section. So please–if you’ve never commented before and you are female (sorry guys), please do it now. And tell your female friends to come add to our wonderful (strange?) story.

Once upon a time, there was a small rabbit named McGillicutty. She could not spell her own name for kindergarten. Who could? But it left the little rabbit very sad. So one day, she decided to . . . . Take it from there, ladies.

4 thoughts on “help wanted–no boys allowed

  1. Judy LaFoe

    change her name. “Gilly?” she thought, “Maybe Cutty?” Or, she thought, amazed at her daring, something completely DIFFERENT!!…


  2. like…BEAVER! so throughout kindergarten she went by beaver. she even built her bedroom on the river out of logs! because of the uniqueness of her room, she made many new friends and was much happier…until one day…


  3. a big flood came and crashed into her room. Beaver didn't know what to do, as she watched all her pictures, furniture, and her favorite poster of The March Hare go careening down the river. Fortunately . . .


  4. Beth

    She saved her favorite hairbrush. This hairbrush was no ordinary hairbrush. It was a rare magical one that was ornately embellished with designs. It had the power to grant her one wish. She had never used this wish until today. Now as she watched everything go down the river, she decided it was time to make her wish. Beaver said, “I wish….


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