a completely necessary expense

Some of you have asked how the “we won’t by anything new in 2010” experiment is going. Well, tomorrow, we’re going to cheat. But it’s for something that is absolutely necessary. Life as we know it would be completely unsustainable without it. We’re going to get purple hair extensions.

At least, some members of the family are. I don’t think my husband will give it a go. But bear with me before you write this off as an inexcusable breach of contract and refuse to believe our word any more.
Purple is the official color of cancer, besides being a really cool color. I am blessed to live in a community that truly cares for our neighbors and goes the extra mile for them. Tomorrow, the community plans to go that mile and, we hope, more for a local family with a dad to six kids who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer and needs our help. So, an incredibly generous hair dresser (or the modern equivalent of that word–whatever it is!) will give her time and equipment to all comers who want to pay $10 for a purple hair extension. C’mon gentlemen, I know some of you who could totally rock that look. If you’re local, check out the details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=293827469545&ref=mf.
So, as I said, life as we know it would be completely unsustainable unless we break the rules and buy purple hair extensions tomorrow. Why? Because if life does not include generosity, compassion, and hope, then it’s unsustainable. At least, as far as I am concerned.

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